EVA ZDRÓJ water is created by nature – this is where its perfection lies.

It is nature that makes it so precious. This pristine water is extracted from the springs of the Lithuanian Druskininkai spa resort surrounded by untouched greenery, a region hidden among pine forests and well-known for the beneficial properties of its therapeutic springs.

The water has a well-balanced mineral content and an alkaline pH. It has a positive effect on our body – purifies, deacidifies and hydrates it adding to our strength and alleviating fatigue. It provides healthy refreshment and constitutes the basis of an everyday diet.

Extraction of water from a trusted spring and production conforming to European standards provide a guarantee of safety and ensure a consistently delicate and refreshing flavor.

EVA ZDRÓJ water is pristine (NO3 0.00 mg/l) and due to low mineralization, it is recommended for infants.

Owing to low sodium content, the water is also good for people with high blood pressure and edema.
Calcium (Ca2+) 49,3 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg2+) 5,9 mg/l
Sodium (Na+) 2,2 mg/l
Potassium (K+) 0,614 mg/l
Carbohydrates (HCO3+) 173,8 mg/l
Chloride (Cl+) 2,7 mg/l
Sulfates (SO42-) <2 mg/l
Nitrates (NO3) 0,00 mg/l


The Good Water

The balanced composition and unique taste of EVA ZDRÓJ water have a beneficial effect on our body and well-being. As an element of our daily diet, the water develops positive eating habits among children and adults. However, this is not all it has to offer.

EVA ZDRÓJ actively supports local initiatives by engaging in campaigns aimed at the young children of your region. The brand provides financial support to pro-health initiatives, motivates children to spend their free time actively and their parents to take care of their health.

Buy EVA ZDRÓJ 0.5-liter bottle of water

and we will give five groszy from each bottle to children in need in your region

Choose EVA ZDRÓJ water and let us help together!