EVA ZDRÓJ water is extracted from
deep resources in the spa
region of Lithuanian Druskininkai.

We spent a long time finding the right spring which would allow us to create perfectly balanced mineral water – with a great flavor and optimum composition. The search led us to Druskininkai.

The region, located on the edge of the Augustów Primeval Forest and Dzūkija National Park on the right bank of River Neman, is renowned for its untainted nature, old pine forests, a great number of mineral water springs, ionizing air and deposits of therapeutic mud. Still nearly untouched by man and located far from industrial areas and civilization, the region enraptures with intact views and diversity of game.

EVA Spring

The spring from which our water is drawn is located on land of particular natural qualities.

A nearly 100-meter thick ground layer constitutes a guarantee of safety. The water is naturally filtered by underground mineral layers. All this makes EVA ZDRÓJ water a naturally excellent product with a balanced mineral content and consistent flavor.

Sort waste, make our planet clean.