1 out of million

We are happy to be able to help children. You are welcome to join the ‘Great Assistance Campaign 2018’.

The purpose of the Campaign is to raise funds for the purchase of equipment necessary for the youngest patients of hospitals and hospices. Therefore, we will allocate 5 gr to a designated purpose for every bottle sold. Help with us!


Let’s sell

1 000 000

0.5 l EVA ZDRÓJ water bottles


We will allocate 0.05 PLN for every bottle sold
to the purchase of equipment necessary for the needy.

We are glad that we can help children together!


Specialist Children’s
Hospital in Olsztyn

The Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn has been a leading healthcare centre for children in the North-East Poland for 60 years. It fulfils the health needs of children from the neonate age to youths up to 18 years old within diagnostics, hospital therapy, rehabilitation, and specialist healthcare.

Dr n. med. Krystyna Piskorz-Ogórek
Director of the Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to thank EVA ZDRÓJ for their long-term collaboration. Owing to the received funds, we have been able to achieve many extraordinary things for the children, patients of our Hospital. For example, we purchased rehabilitation equipment, bought additional appliances for the Head and Neck Surgery Ward, and furnished the hospital playground.

Our shared purpose today is to raise funds for the purchase of cardiac monitors for the Intensive Therapy Department. This equipment is most necessary and important. It determines the health and often life of our most seriously ill patients, including victims of accidents. We will appreciate your help, because so much depends on it.

Our goal
1 000 000
We collect money for a cardiac monitor


“Pomorze Dzieciom”

The Pomerania for Children Foundation provides safe stay at family homes for terminally ill children during the last period of their lives. We render 24h medical assistance within home hospice and provide psychological and social support to the whole family, trying to support it also in the mourning period.

Ewa Liegman
President of the Management Board of the Pomeranian for Children Hospice

Dear All,

Thank you for our joint efforts to make the lives of our young patients longer and better. Owing to your support, our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychologists can travel long ways to enable the return of terminally ill children to their families. Home is the best therapy. 24h care offered by the hospice enables families to be together during this essential period. Owing to you, we know that nobody has to be alone when faced with hardships.

At the Hospice, we learn from our young heroes not to look for happiness but to find it in every moment. Children show us that sometimes you can live all your life in a single day. This is the essence of the hospice’s idea. We are happy that you leave such a permanent trace here and in our hearts.

Our goal
1 000 000
We collect money for a car


“Łatwo Pomagać”

The Association assists children who are in need, ill and suffer. The Association organises events for those in need such as concerts, meetings with actors and actresses, collections of gifts and funds as well as auctions.

Wioletta Górska
President of the It Is Easy To Help Association

Dear All,

Thank you for the support you are giving via the EVA ZDRÓJ sales project. This shows us the kindness of your hearts and thoughts you have for children who are ill, often incurably. Everyone who has been to our Ward, where there is a crying Young Patient every day, where you can sense suffering and fear in the air, knows that those Fighters deserve all that is best and most beautiful. We cannot cure them, but can raise a smile on their faces, by improving their living conditions in hospitals and showering them with gifts.

Infusion pumps are applied for precise and continuous or regular dosing of medicine. They enable to carry out daily procedures with Young Patients and, very importantly, minimise their fear and pain. Old devices generate noise, which wakes our young patients up at night.

Our goal
1 000 000
We collect money for an infusion injection pump